66 GTO - 6.2 Liter L92, Driven-1, Air Ride Street Challenge Project
"We're all about Transformation!"

Can you imagine a 1966 GTO loaded with a General Motors L92 6.2Liter Engine putting out 450 horsepower and 469 ft/lbs torque? Can you imagine Exhaust thru the backup light holes - Way kewl!backing up that engine with a modified 4L65e with a Gear Vendors Overdrive unit, effectively making the 4 speed automatic an 8 speed automatic transmission? Wow!

Add to the package an Air Ride Technologies Street Challenge air suspension system for an ultimate ride and 1G cornering abilities. (Not to mention lowering the whole car into the weeds with a flip of a switch) Then adding custom tuned stainless steel exhaust system, huge disk brakes, along with big wheels and enough sticky rubber to keep this GTO glued to the asphalt in every corner.

It's a transformation! Re-built from the inside out to become an outstanding pro-touring '66 GTO* with power and style to spare.

* The idea behind a pro touring is to re-engineer almost every aspect of the vehicle to do everything it normally would do, except do it 110% better than as it was originally designed! A Pro-Touring car is modified not only to increase horsepower but to stop quick and corner fast. And best of all you actually DRIVE it on the highway!

We invite you to join us as this '66 GTO is transformed from and old life, to a new life. It's a "...new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new."

Stefan Svard

Fitting the Directional Wheels! 66 GTO - Driven1 Original Factory Specs:
  • 1966 GTO Hardtop One of 73,785 built.
  • Engine: 389 Pontiac w/4 barrel carburetor.
        Factory HP/Torque rating: 335 hp / 431 ft.-lb. of torque
  • Transmission: 2 Speed PowerGlide.
  • Interior: Black with bucket front seats.
  • Gauges: MPH, RPM, Oil, Fuel, Temp, Amps.
  • Rear Differential: 8.2" with 2:73 gears. (non-Posi)
  • A/C: No.
  • Power Windows: Yes.
  • Power Locks: Yes.
  • Car Alarm: No.
  • Radio: A/M radio.
  • Original Color: Maroon
  • Fitting the Fenders. 66 GTO - Driven1 V8TV Modified Specs:
  • Engine: 6.2 Liter (378 Cubic Inch) L92
        HP/Torque rating: 450 hp / 416 ft.-lb. of torque
  • Transmission: Modified 4L65e 4-speed automatic by
        Bowler Performance Transmissions
  • Interior: 2005 GTO front/rear seats.
  • Gauges: Mast Motorsports.
  • Rear Differential: Ford 9" w/3:89 gear ratio
  • Suspension: Air Ride Technologies Street Challenge
  • Brakes: Wilwood disc brakes
  • Tires: Bridgestone on custom rims.
  • Exhaust: Hooker LS1 Headers, Magnaflow Exhaust.
  • A/C: Coming soon.
  • Power Windows: Yes
  • Power Locks: Yes
  • Car Color: Satin Red with Flat Charcoal Metallic.
  • Other: Spal fan, Steeroids rack & pinion MuscleRodz
        fuel tank.

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