Who is V8TV?

Kevin Oeste is the creator and Producer of V8TV. Oeste recognized the need to create a show that delivered hands-on tech and product info to the millions of enthusiasts who want to build their Kevin Oeste (Scott in the background)own dream cars. You may have seen him in a previous life as producer of Hot Rod Magazine TV. Now, Oeste is up to his eyes in V8TV project cars... after all, there are 15 V8TV project cars so far!

Kelle Oeste is not just a pretty face, as she grew up on a farm breaking machines her whole life. A former FFA queen (an award received for her engine rebuilding project), Kelle likes to take things apart. We've got plenty of projects that require her assistance. Whenever you see Kelle doing her thing on V8TV, she's not just being a line reader... she's truly hands-on.

You can find Kevin and Kelle at V8TVshow.com

Where is a direct link to the V8TV videos? Glad you asked!
They are right here! V8TV Videos

Stefan Svard