Hot Rod Power Tour 2014

Who is DRIVEN1

We are currently on the Hot Rod Power Tour!

DRIVEN1 is a 501[c]3 non-profit Christian based organization dedicated to reach out to the youth of America and hot rod enthusiasts with the love of Jesus Christ.


The mission of DRIVEN1 is to impact lives by transforming cars to illustrate the transformation that God can and will do in your life.

Purpose of the Drive:

Our purpose at DRIVEN1 is to provide an avenue for both young and young at heart to come together in a mentorship setting to transform cars to reach their full potential. It is our intent to use the cars as a vehicle to draw in people to experience the love of Jesus Christ and to transform young peoples' hearts and lives to reach their full potential. Hot Rod Power Tour 2014

Our Road Map

Our vision is to present the gospel message to hot rod enthusiasts through the following avenues:
1. Mentorship Program
2. Garage Fellowship Meetings
3. Car shows
4. Internet media

Transformation Mentorship Program

The transformation mentorship program is multi purposed to provide qualified people, who are talented when it comes to building hot rods or restoring cars, in the Christian community the opportunity to mentor young people in this field of dreams. Youth not only have the opportunity to learn about restoring a hot rod, they also get to learn about Jesus Christ-Transformation! Our goal is to sell our finished cars at an auction or raffle to help finance the next project. We plan to establish mentorship programs like this throughout the nation. Grilled!

Garage Fellowship Meetings

Garage fellowship meetings connect hot rod enthusiasts with what could be a life changing experience for individuals seeking direction in life. These meetings will offer a great place for fellowship where they can hang out in a fun garage environment where there will be a garage band, bible study, food and fellowship.

Car Shows

At each show we attend, we will have team members with our organization to minister the word of God, drawing people into the kingdom of God.

Our goal is to host one big local car show each year where all the local churches car ministries can come together in a joint effort to offer a place of ministry to reach out to the youth of America and hot rod enthusiasts with the ove of Jesus Christ.


Our website offers a blog place as well as connections with face book and twitter for hot rod enthusiasts to socialize.

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